Palatal flap induced osteoradionecrosis


palatal flap

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Nabil, S., Rajandram, R. K., Nordin, R., & Abdul Jabar, N. . (2011). Palatal flap induced osteoradionecrosis. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 9(1), 27–31. Retrieved from


The palatal rotational flap is a reliable and predictable flap. The pedicled nature of the flap ensures reliable vascular supply. It however leaves a bare donor site which usually heals via secondary intention. However, there is an increased risk of donor site morbidity when applied in a compromised host. The authors report a rare case of an osteoradionecrosis at the donor site following the application of the palatal rotational flap. Caution should be exercised when applying this flap in a compromised tissue.