Fracture of mandible associated with third molar surgery


fused/germinated molar,
mandible fracture
third molar surgery.

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Kar Mun, Y. . (2013). Fracture of mandible associated with third molar surgery. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 11(1), 29–32. Retrieved from


Aim: Serves as a reminder of an uncommon but significant complication related to impacted third molar surgery.

Summary: Iatrogenic mandibular fracture following surgery to remove an impacted third molar is a rare event. Indeed it is not a complication routinely discussed with the patient during the process of informed consent. However, the consequence of this injury is significant for both the patient and clinician. In this article, we describe one such event associated with attempted removal of an impacted fused/germinated wisdom tooth. The main presenting features were persistent pain and inability to chew after the attempted surgery. A remedial surgery was undertaken to remove the wisdom tooth and plate the fracture. This case report also briefly reviews the literature for possible etiologies and preventive strategies.