The Management of an impacted first permanent lower molar


Mandibular first permanent molar
Failure of eruption

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Mustafa, W. M., Jirom, M., & Hamdan, M. (2017). The Management of an impacted first permanent lower molar: A case report. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 15(1), 37–41. Retrieved from


Unerupted or impacted lower first permanent molars are a rare finding. Nevertheless their presence should be suspected when there is delay in eruption of the tooth compared with the contralateral counterpart. Impaction or retention of the first permanent molar presents with several therapeutic approaches. However early diagnosis and treatment gives the clinician more options in the management of these cases. We report a case of impacted permanent lower first molar and discuss the management of one such case in a 20 years old Chinese male. Multidisciplinary cooperation between the oral surgery and orthodontics specialty is necessary for a successful outcome.