A Reconstruction of depressed frontal bone fracture


Frontal bone fracture
frontal sinus
surgical approach

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Mat Nawi, N. A., Lim, D., & Hamdan, M. (2019). A Reconstruction of depressed frontal bone fracture: A simplified surgical approach. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 17(1), 06–09. Retrieved from https://mjoms.my/index.php/mjoms/article/view/3


A frontal bone fracture may range from isolated anterior table fractures resulting in an aesthetic deformity to complex fractures involving the outflow tract, orbits, and intracranial structure. Treatment options depend on fracture site, degree of fracture displacement and any associated structure involved such as involvement of orbital wall fracture. In depressed frontal bone fracture, the aesthetic forehead contour is an important consideration for repair. Hence, the reconstruction of the frontal bone defect aims to restore the bony contour and improve facial aesthetics as well as provide a safe sinus to prevent future complications. Numerous reconstructive materials and surgical approaches for frontal bone defect have been discussed in the literature. However, the ideal method of frontal bone repair is still debatable. Here, we present a simple approach for depressed frontal bone repair using titanium meshwork through an existing laceration. Reconstruction of the depressed frontal bone with titanium mesh provides excellent forehead contour and the technique carries little risks and complications.