Visual Enhance Lesion Scope (VELscope) in Assessing Oral Melanocytic Lesion


incisional biopsy

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Mohd Ali, N., Yassin, M. A. H., Berahim, N., Tengku Mohd Ariff, T. F., & Abdul Wahab, H. . (2021). Visual Enhance Lesion Scope (VELscope) in Assessing Oral Melanocytic Lesion: A Case Report. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 19(1), 26–29. Retrieved from


Oral melanotic macule is a benign pigmented lesion that tends to occur in the fifth decade of life. The lesions are usually single, smaller than 1cm, but they may also occur as multiple lesions. The most common intraoral sites are the buccal mucosa, lip, palate and gingiva. The average age of presentation is 43 years old, with a female predilection. A 61-year-old Malay female presenting with 2 pigmented lesions on the alveolar ridge of the maxilla was evaluated. They were dark brown, flat & irregularly bordered. No abnormalities were observed in the cone beam computed tomography scan. A biopsy is recommended to distinguish these lesions from other oral melanocytic lesions. This article discusses the utilization of VELscope as a diagnostic tool aiming to provide an accurate diagnosis of oral melanocytic lesion.