Massive maxillofacial injuries from a tiger attack


Maxillofacial injuries
tiger attack

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Abd Raman, R. (2007). Massive maxillofacial injuries from a tiger attack: A case report. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 5(1), 31–33. Retrieved from


A rare case of severe maxillofacial trauma sustained as a result of tiger attack is presented.

A Malay gentleman was attacked by a tiger while tapping rubber in his estate in the District of Jeli in Kelantan. He sustained massive laceration wound on his face, fractured left zygomatic complex with detachment of the masseter and temporalis muscles. He also suffered injury to the left parotid gland and the facial nerve. The left zygomatic arch and prominence were repositioned and plated using 2.0 mm titanium osteosynthesis implants. The masseter muscle was reattached to its point of origin and the temporalis muscle to its point of insertion using resorbable Vicry 3/0 sutures. The severed parotid gland was repositioned and sutured. Postoperatively, salivary fistula developed which healed spontaneously. There was weakness on the muscles of facial expression supplied by temporal and mandibular branches of the facial nerve. The function of facial nerve improved but not completely.