An Unlikely Foreign Body In The Maxillary Sinus


Foreign body
maxillary sinus

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Mustafa, W. M., & Baharudin, J. (2009). An Unlikely Foreign Body In The Maxillary Sinus. Malaysian Journal of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, 7(1), 21–24. Retrieved from


This case report describes the diagnosis and management of an unusual foreign body in right maxillary sinus of a 28 years old Myanmar man. A metallic bolt lodged in the right maxillary sinus for more than 2 years caused recurrent episodes of pain and swelling over the patients right cheek. Access to right maxillary sinus was gained through Caldwell-Luc Procedure. The bolt and the entire antral lining was removed successfully. The importance of pre and intra-operative radiological examination in making the removal of the foreign body both expedient and complication-free was emphasized.